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Apothecary The Cold Pressed Juicery has been created out of the idea that every time we came back from traveling we felt the envy of a good cold pressed juice. With limited choices in Luxembourg, we decided to take things into our own hands and to build our own version of cold pressed juices. At first we did the necessary market analysis etc. and soon we started testing the first recipes at home with at that time our small cold press.

Once the first juices had been designed we gave them to friends and families to taste and to give us their critical but structural feedback.

So Apothecary was born and we soon found an opportunity to launch the venture at the new extension of City Concorde in Bertrange who were looking for a new concept to ad to their new lifestyle center as they call it now!

At Apothecary pure style without compromise meets genuine goodness: exquisite, 100% cold pressed juices as well as shots.  We have a strong commitment to supporting you to be your best.

Our pledge is to continue to learn and grow with you, so that we can all evolve together to live our best life, shine on and thrive. Our journey begins here. Let’s do this together.


True wellness. Feel better. Think better. Look better live better and in a more healthy way by consuming organic and local produce as much as possible.

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